Diwali: TV actors share childhood memories

For television actors like Shivin Narang and Shashank Vyas, Diwali does not only mean decking up their house with lights, flowers or making elaborate rangolis. It makes them nostalgic and gives them a reason to look back at their childhood memories associated with the festival of lights.

From gorging on homemade sweets to the bursting of crackers, hereÂ’s what they have to say of their memories of Diwali, which falls Thursday this year.

Shivin Narang: Every Diwali is memorable for me. But I still remember the time, about five years back, when I bought a lot of crackers. In Delhi, we literally have a competition of ‘who will burst more crackers’! These are some special memories that I cherish.

Shashank Vyas: I remember seeing my mother prepare sweets and snacks for Diwali every time I got back from school. I even tried to cajole her to allow me to taste the sweet treats, but she always made me wait till all the rituals were over.

Tina Dutta: Diwali as a child meant new clothes, lots of chocolates and mithai (sweets). I remember as a child, once my mom bought an expensive dress for Diwali and I was really excited with the pink dress and flaunted it to everyone.

Sneha Wagh: Most memorable Diwali was when I was in college and I had burnt a lots of crackers with my neighbours.

Jasvir Kaur: I remember helping my mother in making sweets for Diwali and exchanging them with our neighbours. It was really special and I miss it.

Simple Kaul: My most memorable Diwali was when I was 16 years old because my dad bought a new car in my name. So that was the best Diwali ever!

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