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Did Rohit Shetty Bribe former Censor Board chief?

No one would have bothered whether Rohit Shetty bribed the Censor Board members to get his popular hit film ‘Singham Returns’cleared just before the Independence Day last year. But now that the CBI is pondering the issue whether to register a case against the Bollywood’s most successful producer and director, it has hit the roof wondering whether the move is meant to shake up the entire film industry.

Reports said that the CBI is examining the allegations that the director of ‘Singham Returns’ bribed ex-Censor Board chief Rakesh Kumar to pass their film just in time for release on the eve of Independence day in 2014.

The Mumbai unit of CBI has apparently asked police to register a case against Rohit Shetty and the producers of ‘Singham Returns’. The former chief of the Central Board for Film Certification (CBFC) Rakesh Kumar was under scrutiny for taking bribes from various film producers and directors to pass their films.

Essentially, Kumar was learnt to have been bribed to avoid delay in censor board clearance. But Rohit Shetty’s name is propping up for the first time.

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