Diabetes drug targets alcohol addiction by 40%, says study

Researchers have found that diabetes drug consisting of GLP-1 can also answer the addiction of alcohol as well as obesity, while the de-addiction rate could be 30 to 40 percent.

In their study on mice and rats at Sahlgrenska Academy, they found out that the medication GLP-1 used for diabetes and obesity was able to treat even alcohol dependence.

Conducted by the University of Gothenburg, the study shows that interfering with the hormone GLP-1 now can be considered for three target treatments — diabets, Alcohol addiction and obesity.

Researchers have observed that dopamine, used to reduce the brain’s reward centre in response to drinking alcohol, that enthralls the user to further the experience, was prevented by the GLP-1-like substance. Hence, the mice failed to experience the addiction syptoms as they no longer felt the urge or reward.

In addition, the medication also prevents relapse drinking in rats, which is a major problem for alcoholics. The GLP-1 substance reduced the alcohol consumption by 30-40% in rats that drank large quantities of alcohol for several months, said lead author Elisabet Jerlhag.

The study has been published in the journal Addiction Biology.

Red wine

Red wine

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