‘Dhoom 3’ to be released in China in 2000 Screens, 400 Cities: Uday Chopra


Aamir Khan-starrer ‘Dhoom 3’ that has raked in huge box office collections in the range of Rs.300 crore in India alone, is not stopping its overseas sojourn and the most-populated neighbour China is likely to give that added edge this time.

Befitting the populous nation, “Dhoom 3” will be released on July 25, 2014 in 2,000 screens across 400 cities, with dubbing done into Chinese. As “Dhoom 3” feature more Hollywood cast than Indian, it can easily pass off the taste buds of the Chinese who are accustomed to watch American films.

Uday Chopra, producer of the film and an actor himself in all the “Dhoom” series, said he was confident the film will see success in China too.

Otherwise, initial success in 4,000 screens for even 6 days at a stretch should rake in more millions for the exhibitors than expected.

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