Devotees Throng to See Baby Girl with Trunk in India Believing it Miracle

Indian villagers are ecstatic over a baby girl born with deformity with a trunk instead of nose on her face igniting resemblance to Lord Ganesha or the Elephant-headed God in Aligarh, uttar Pradesh.

While doctors are suspecting it to be a rare rare genetic mutation, her father and the villager refuse to accept it and are queueing up to visit and pray her as an incarnation of Ganesha on earth.

The deformity of the baby girl is visible as a lump between the two eyes, dividing the most into two partsbut the baby is healthy and doctors are at odds to suggest medical intervention to correct it by surgery, which may be harmful too, if not impossible.

Another reason attributed to her genetic mutation was either contaminated water or pollution in the region beset with industry waste being flowed into the river.

According to the environmental journal Down to Earth, Aligarh region has been witnessing huge contamination of water with leather industrial waste, poor sewage drainage system and poverty.

Refusing any corrective surgery, the baby girl’s father hopes that her birth would redeem wealth and fortune for the family and refused to seek medical advise.

Photo courtesy: HT


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