Delhi Minister Sacked for Bribe, I Will Not Spare My Son, Declares Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday sacked his minister Asim Ahmed Khan at a press conference for seeking bribe. "I will not even spare my son, Manish Sisodia or anyone else if he is corrupt," said an angry CM and leader of Aam Aadmi Party that espouses a bribe-free environment.

Asim Ahmed Khan, 38, was minister for food and environment, was immediately replaced by Imran Hussain, another MLA but it was ironic that Kejriwal has made no reference as to why the post was given to another Muslim member.

Mr Kejriwal said he would ask for a CBI inquiry into allegations of the Minister for building a "nexus with a builder" which was recorded in an audio. "The public trusts us as honest politicians. We are here not for power. So we will not spare our own ministers, MLAs, officers," said Mr Kejriwal.

In June, Jitender Tomar resigned as law minister for using a fake degree in his filings. Pre-empting the media which usually comes up with such expose, Mr Kejriwal said: "Nobody brought this matter to us, the media was not aware of this," he noted.

However, Congress leader Ajay Maken said the party AAA is beset with corrupt ministers. "One third of its ministers in less than 8 months have been caught on corruption and had to be removed," he said.

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