Delhi Lt Governor or British Viceroy?

The ongoing rift between Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung in administering the Lutyen’s city has been evoking memories of British Viceroy whose Raj gave two hoots to democracy in the country they occupied by deceit.

Unfortunate but the Centre is unleashing similar regime with its diktats on Arvind Kejriwal’s government by interfering directly even in the transfer of officers, effectively bringing down the dignity of the post of Delhi Lieutenant Governor that Najeeb Jung holds. “Today, several officers transferred by LG directly. Files not even shown to CM or any minister. Is this Modi model of democracy?” asked Kejriwal in a tweet on Tuesday.

While the Prime Minister is mysteriously silent on all such ugly interventions by Delhi administration or Delhi Police in recent years, the situation of an open confrontation between the chief minister of Delhi and the Centre is bringing to the fore the ill-effects of a Unitary form of government, despite our aparent federal fabric.

Forget unitary form, it is also bringing the memories of Emergency Days when officers were transferred directly by the Centre with many chief ministers crying foul but not venting their anger out due to fear. Are we witnessing similar Emergency Days again?

“Modiji is hell bent on destroying Delhi thro LG,” Kejriwal alleged. More than that, the open rift between the two power centres in Delhi is weakening the country’s image in the eyes of the world. Delhi is also the seat of diplomats. Instead of interfering in Delhi affairs on daily basis, the BJP government should preferably sack Arvind Kejriwal’s government and go to people for a new verdict.

But they will not do it as already they have seen the results of such impoverished idea. Arvind Kejriwal will again return to power with a thumping majority and both BJP and Congress have tasted the bitter truth. Better if Arvind Kejriwal is given a free hand as he is the only CM who was ever elected winning all Assembly seats bar one in the history of India. But belittling him through a Viceroy like Jung who is interfering openly before the media bereft of respect to the post he is holding, will make things uglier than one can digest.

If the Centre continues to interfere in Kejriwal government, then BJP may be pushing the country’s voter nearer to AAP fold in the next Lok Sabha elections. Perhaps that is the only solution to make Arvind Kejriwal rule Delhi from both within and out.

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