Delhi Gangrape Victim Dead: Will it Rekindle Humane Delhi

A 23-year-old girl came to Delhi to study and was gang-raped on Delhi roads in a well-curtained bus. There were lakhs who suffered similar humiliation but were swapped over in a “Chalta Hai” culture.

For the first time, the incident has brought it to the notice of the rulers in Delhi who paid lip sympathy and assured host of measures.

The spirit of the woman should rekindle leaders in Delhi to use the opportunity to come out with strict penalty for those who are guilty and create the most-needed fear among those who dare to do it.

Here is an agenda that should go with the momentum:

1. A bill to punish the rapists with capital punishment should immediately be introduced and those who oppose it should be exposed.

2. All states which are responsible for law and order should fall in line with the national spirit.

3. Indian male chauvinism should be shown this example and tolerance should be taught to them from childhood.

4. All schools should make the incident a lesson to teach how inhuman we are and how we should change.

5. Gang-rapes are mostly the handiwork of goons and pre-mafia groups and this swells into a “Goonda Raj” Why not address this too?

6. Mere police can’t fight the anti-socials but the entire society should take it up. All babus should know that their daughters will also become victims to such incidents, if they thwart any positive move in this direction.

7. It is also the time to end the politician-mafia network in India. We can’t now, so do we can’t stop the gang-rape mentality.

As we bode good-bye to 2012, let us also bid adieu to humanity. India now enters an era of anarchy. All those who fail to see what’s coming will pay dearly in future or become witnesses to many more such gruesome acts on our roads and streets.

Anyway, 2012 remains a year of shame in Indian history. A bright future awaits rapists and gang-rapists.

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