Delhi Bans Sale of Aspirin, Ibuprofen Without Prescription

Are you one of those individuals who take a painkiller every now and then to fight slightest of the pain? If yes, then you cannot do that henceforth as the Delhi government has demanded a ban on selling aspirin and ibuprofen – blood-thinning medicines also known as Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), in the absence of prescription.


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Satyendra Jain who is the Union Health Minister yesterday declared the ban will be operational right away (from Tuesday) only.

As per senior officials their observation of how people have the tendency to take medicines without referring to doctors has showed that it most often leads to elevated probabilities of bleeding and damage of platelets in blood that in majority of the dengue cases might contribute in the hemorrhage symptoms and trigger death in patients.

In light of the growing dengue cases in Delhi, this decision was taken which the doctors have also gladly accepted.

The retail chemists who will be found breaking the proposal will face serious charges from the health department.

Apart from this, Jain also recommended chemists to maintain records of supplies of drug from ibuprofen, aspirin and diclofenac sections.

The state government has even released an advisory for the sake of chemists and the public, asking them to thwart such non-prescribed sales of NSAIDs.

Rommel Tickoo who is the senior consultant for internal medicine at Max Hospital termed pain killers like aspirin, diclofenac and ibuprofen to be “over-the counter (OTC) drugs in the US and UK as well, let alone in India.

He further said that the decision is a “good step” taken by the government as these medicines can be harmful to dengue patients like causing bleeding and lowering of platelet counts.

He added that some of the drugs that don’t need a prescription are anti-allergics, pain relieving drugs, particular cough syrups and supplements like vitamins and calcium.

S.K Sharma who heads medicine department at Lady Hardinge Medical College said that only paracetamol is safe to consume during dengue.

Health department has instructed all the city hospitals to obtain NS1 Antigen inspection kits, besides organizing for sufficient number of beds at this crest season of dengue.

According to a report by IBNLive, a municipal report said that 53 cases of dengue have been reported until July 2015 with 36 cases reported in the month of July only.

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