Delhi Assembly Poll: AAP Launches ‘Delhi Dialogues’ to Interact with People

Ahead of Delhi Assembly elections, the Aam Aadmi Party launched a drive ‘Delhi Dialogues,’ which aims at making the national capital a world class city where the party would encourage people’s participation in preparing a blueprint for making the city accordingly in five years.

The initiative launched is likely to hold meetings with all kinds of people by party volunteers to seek what people need. The suggestions and aspirations from people are said to be included in the party’s manifesto.

In regard to the new drive, AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal, said, “We will hold dialogues with professionals, housewife, students, youth, women, villagers, industrialists, besides residents JJ cluster and unauthorised colonies. We will then prepare a 50-point programme, prepare a blue-print and address these issues. We want the people to tell us how they want their Delhi to be.”

According to reports, the former CM of Delhi said, “Our team will talk to experts as well as common residents to identify issues which will be incorporated in the blueprint. At an event organised every week, we will announce these issues.”

The initial event is to be launched on Saturday, November 15 at Jantar Mantar, by holding a rally of the youth. After, another event will be held on November 26, where the topic of discussion is likely to be safety of women. Kejriwal reportedly said “The party will talk about issues related to the youth and students of Delhi, about their aspirations and their problems.”

Meanwhile, when Kejriwal was asked the expected seats it is about to win, he said, “We will win 40-45 seats,” adding, “The BJP has done exactly the opposite to what it promised. It hiked the electricity tariff, there has been an increase in inflation.”

However, connecting the drive to the earlier idea of Swaraj, Senior AAP leader Yogendra Yadav said, “The party, from the beginning, has tried to give a new idea to the country in the form of swaraj. Delhi Dialogue takes this idea forward.”

Criticising that though all parties will release their manifestos but no discussions will take place on their content, Yadav has reportedly said, “Just before each election, all political parties release their manifesto. Hardly any discussion takes place on their content… We will present small sections of our manifesto so that there is discussion, debate and investigation of these issues. Delhi Dialogues represents a step forward for the party’s ideas.”

AAP had won 28 seats in its debut performance in the Delhi assembly elections held in last December and Kejriwal had run the government for 49 days, after which he resigned from the post of Delhi Chief Minister.

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