People gather at a BJP rally to celebrate party's success in the recently concluded assembly polls in Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi on Jan 10, 2015. (IANS)

Delhi Assembly Poll 2015: Time for BJP, AAP to Lock Horns

With the declaration of the dates of Delhi Assembly Election by the Chief Election Commission today, now it is time for the national capital to witness the manifestation of one-upmanship by the Modi-led BJP and Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party.

While the single phase voting for the upcoming poll is scheduled on February 7 and counting of votes on February 10, both the parties seem to be confident of winning the poll in Delhi.

As both parties are set to lock their horns, AAP expressed their confidence by saying, “Arvind Kejriwal will be Delhi’s Valentine on February 14.” Being confident of Kejriwal winning the poll, AAP spokesperson Raghva Chadha said, “We are sure of getting a majority. The AAP is contesting election on a positive campaign and has a blue print for Delhi.”

He added, “On February 14, Arvind Kejriwal will be Delhi’s Valentine and he will take oath as the chief minister.” While expecting to be elevated as the CM on February 14 this year, it was on the same date that Kejriwal resigned as CM last year. Amid, Senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh said that the polling date was announced after a “year-long wait”.

However, BJP National Secretary Shrikant Sharma said, “We welcome the poll announcement. We are confident of a government with majority as such a government is necessary in Delhi that can move in tandem with the Centre and ensure good governance and all-round development of Delhi.” Meanwhile, BJP President Amit Shah has held a meeting with top party leaders in Delhi.

Delhi has 70 Assembly seats. AAP had won in 28 seats in the last assembly poll a year ago, where BJP had acquired just 31 seats. According to reports, the total electorate of Delhi is 1.3 crore and the total number of stations are 11763.

Amid, Modi has slammed Kejriwal during his campaign at Ramlila Maidan days ago, saying “Those who call themselves anarchists should join the Naxals in the jungles. Anarchism does not belong to Delhi, which is the centre of politics in this country.”

He has said, “These people are experts in protests and sit-in’s, so give them that job. We are experts in governing, so entrust us what we are good at. One full year has been wasted for the city and you should punish those who were responsible.”

In response to Modi’s criticism, Kejriwal has said, “Name-calling is not politics. Though he (Modi) called me names, not one word was uttered about my stint as Delhi chief minister. Hence, even they (BJP) believe that I have done good work.”

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