Degue in Delhi Brings Together 1 Lakh Volunteers on Localcircles

In view of the epidemic proportion of dengue in Delhi, over 100,000 citizens of Delhi and the national capital region (NCR) have come together on Localcircles for blood assistance to victims.

Blood platelets needed daily for Dengue patients and those who need can access and seek blood or platelet assistance on Local Circles and the required time is about two hours, said a statement.

LocalCircles ( is a Citizen Engagement platform said about 1 lakh blood donors of Delhi/NCR are now connected via its circle to find or donate blood required for dengue victims.

The online Blood community in the world was formed to meet the demand for Blood platelets in the last couple of months due to the rise of Dengue cases in Delhi/NCR. Caregivers can seek blood donors near the location of hospital or nursing home and find assistance within a couple of hours, it said.

The LocalCircles members or their families can also post the need in their colony/sector circles and find assistance from within the neighborhood. Many critical cases where platelet count has dipped below 10,000 have been responded to within minutes by the members of the community, it added.

The community for blood donors started exactly two years ago with Rotary Blood Bank and it is being used extensively by community members since Dengue has reached an epidemic proportion, it said.

"We need people to know that help is at hand. The need for a Dengue victim cannot be easily met through the network of family and friends. But on LocalCircles, it is heartening to see people, unknown to each other, assisting each other and Dengue patients across Delhi/NCR and responding to such Blood needs within a few minutes to a few hours," said the statement.

All citizens of Delhi/NCR who may need Blood assistance or anyone who wishes to donate can join the circle through the link given here. Also citizens can download the LocalCircles mobile app (Android and iOS) or visit from their smartphone/tablet and use the invitation code: BLOOD when signing up.

Once a member, seeking Blood Assistance can be done with a Regular or Emergency post based on the nature of the Blood need. Citizens can also post their requirement for blood in areas they live in or where the dengue patient is hospitalized. Sometimes it is difficult to find donors in hospitals or areas where the patient is hospitalized in and friends and family are not enough. Therefore the community can help in these times of distress.

The circle has donated blood for over 1200 emergency needs since its inception and assisted in many life-saving cases, said the statement.

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