Defused Grenade Found on Modi’s Standby Aircraft

The Air India crew has discovered a defused grenade inside the business class of Air India jumbo craft on Friday, which was kept standby in Delhi for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US trip.

According to reports, airline sources said on Saturday that the grenade was found on board the Boeing 747-400 which was operating the Mumbai-Hyderabad-Jeddah flight.
An investigation into the discovery of the defused explosive has been launched by the Indian security agencies. According to a report, sources said, "The B-747 was sent on a Delhi-Mumbai-Hyderabad-Jeddah flight. On reaching Jeddah in the early hours of Saturday (India time), security agencies there found a defused grenade inside the business class of the aircraft. This sensational discovery of a defused bomb on an aircraft kept standby for the PM has sent everyone in a tizzy."
The sources said that while landing at Jeddah, the incident was reported to the local security agencies who took over the aircraft. Meanwhile, Air India spokesperson said, "A suspicious object was found on board this aircraft. The investigations are on."
The Boeing 747 was an emergency standby aircraft intended for use by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in case his regular aircraft developed any last minute snags. The aircraft was kept in complete readiness at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi and released on Friday for commercial operations after Modi’s return to India from the US on Thursday night.
Though the aircraft has been cleared and released from Jeddah Airport security, it is reportedly still in the city as Indian security personnel were investigating the matter. The aircraft is expected to return to Calicut.

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