Deepika Padukone Video ‘My choice’ on YouTube Crosses 3 Million Views in 3 days

actress deepika padukone during the promotion of film happy new year at his promotional tour in Washington on Sept. 23, 2014. (Photo: IANS)Actress Deepika Padukone stands aloft with every move and the latest is her video on women empowerment that is going viral on YouTube with 3.2 million people viewing it and about ten percent of themliking it too.

The Bollywood actress, who was vocal to take on media giant BCCL or the Times Group when they published a news item on her curves, virtually sending the editors scurrying for cover.

Though she was not invited or shown in any of the Times events including the beauty pageants of Femina or other such Times-controlled functions, Deepika Padukone remained adept at what is right for a woman.

Beyond talking openly about her depression, the new generation Bollywood queen from Bangalore has come up with the video showcasing women empowerment titled “My Choice” and was published on YouTube on March 28. So far the Youtube video has been viewed by 3,246,202 people.

Produced by Dinesh Vijan, ‘My Choice’ is an initiative of Vogue (Not Times group magazine) that was scripted by Kersi Khambatta and directed by Homi Adajania. The black and white video shows Deepika Padukone and 98 other women showcasing the need for gender equality in all spheres of life.

“It is my choice to live life the way I want, to wear clothes I like, to decide how I want my body to be, when I want to get married or if I ever want to walk down the aisle, to decide if I want to be straight or a lesbian,” Deepika says in the video.

Social Media Reaction: The video has generated immense reaction from women on the social media and here are some reflections:


Hello Deepika,
I really appreciate wat r u doing and even the same conditions u have mentioned in this video was just happened to me 2 years earlier… As being a youth I am inviting all of the people’s who are facing with these problems stand up for yourself that’s all. and Deepika hats off to u lady God bless….”

Deepkia, I want to congratulate you for making yourself vulnerable about what you went through. Truthful expressions can ride turbulent waves of ocean as they are filled with drops of vulnerability .  Your act of being open about your problem and acknowledging that anyone however successful or unsuccessful, however rich or poor and, however common or uncommon can  be caught up in the web of depression. Its fantastic that you had support of your loving family and doctors who were there  to help you. In all humility,  I would ask you that you and your foundation to  also look into natural means  to cure depression as i  have known people who have suffered immensely on that path.  Please look into vipassana meditation or what we call mindfulness here in the US. I wish you all the best and I hope you keep illuminating Bollywood with  your  acting, positive spirit and handwork. Cheers. Jas.

Uppalavanna Shakya via Google+

u don’t ask a blind person “y are you blind” , u don’t ask a cancer patient “y do u have cancer” so y ask a depressed person ” y are you depressed ?” depression is as dangerous as cancer and is curable in the early stage. Suicides can be prevented. U can look completely happy but u might be fighting depression and its a disease or disorder which is not under ur control so don’t question. Help them if u can or just listen to them if they trust u enough to share what’s going on with them. Many wont believe but there is a chemical imbalance in ur brain, there is a disorder and u do need medication. Some learn to live with it , some learn to cure them and many struggle with it. Learn to talk about it. Help people fight depression. Thumbs up To Deepika Padukone for sharing her battle and helping people be aware of such a condition.‪

I had this when I was in middle school, never told my parents because I still doubt they’d quite understand it. But music helped me a lot, specifically My Chemical Romance…this is the time when I fell in love with their songs and lyrics. I’m not exaggerating when I say they saved my life.
My thanks to Deepika for being out and open about it! 🙂

Therz  no need for her to come out in public on how she felt and dealt wid depression …but still she took a brave step and says …This cud help sumbody who is in depression  n nobody els shud go thru the hell of depression… I really respect the thought of this lady to inspire others by making herself vulnerable …  (y)3

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