Dani Alves could move to A.C Milan, free transfer might appeal the Italian side

In 2008 when Dani Alves left Sevilla to join Barcelona, he was paid 32.5 million Euros, making him the third most costly defender of all time. And in his six year campaign with the Catalan giants he has certainly proved his worth.

On June 30, the Brazilian’s term with Barcelona is going to end, freeing him to leave Nou Camp and join some other side. He won the treble with the club for a historic second time, and couldn’t have asked for a better farewell gift.

The 32-year-old now is looking forward to new options, and a possibility of moving to Italian side, A.C Milan is making rounds.

In a report by ESPN FC, he said, “It would be a pleasure to join Milan.”

“There is a proposal from Italy and I will evaluate all the alternatives before deciding,” he added.

Dani Alves who played as a right back for Barcelona garnered a major difference in the team since joining. His intelligent passes and terrific speed while covering the entire sideline of the field in an attempt to control the ball, is fascinating. He coordinated with Lionel Messi when the Argentine made the diagonal run up to the penalty box to strike a goal.

A.C Milan who can rightly termed now as the “failed Italian giant” would certainly be privileged to receive Alves’s service. However, the catch is that the club is running out of money currently, and Alves is surely not going to settle for something meager, considering his worth.

According to an article by Bleacher Report, Silvio Berlusconi, the owner of the club is falling short of capital. The recent purchase of 48 percent of the share by Thai businessman, Bee Taechaubol could however lighten things for them.

A.C Milan is not the only club to be vying for Alves’s services. Apparently, Manchester United and Chelsea are also in the queue to strike a deal with the talented Brazilian.

So, what drew Alves to state about a possible consideration of A.C Milan’s offer?

In another report by ESPN FC, Alves has talked about not getting proper respect in Nou Camp. “I have come out to talk today about a lack of respect towards me and like anyone else, I have my limits. I don’t want to have to talk about these things because I prefer to do my talking out on the pitch,” he said.

Joining A.C Milan will certainly make Alves the most decorated player of the club. In fact, the possible interest shown by the Brazilian has already become the talk of the town. And this could be the respect that Alves, in his words is missing in Barcelona.

In the same report, Alves said: “I want to stay, but not at any price — it’s not about money, it’s about respect. I’ve done a lot for this club and yet I can tell that I am not respected.”

According to a report by goal.com, President Josep Maria Bartomeu said: “Alves has had an offer on the table for weeks. He has an offer for two years, plus one more, and he will decide what he will do. There is not much for us to decide.”

With A.C Milan preparing their resurgence for the next season, the signing of Dani Alves (if he is convinced with the money) could help them a lot as well as give Alves the respect that he is craving for, in Barca.

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