Cyber Bullies Don’t Spare Even President’s Daughter

sharmishtaSharmistha Mukherjee, daughter of President Pranab Mukherjee, faced similar online harassment on social media when a man in West Bengal sent her dirty messages and posted lews pictures on her Facebook page, enraging her and prompting action.

Sharmishtha, who is also a member of the Congress Party and contested recent Delhi Assembly elections, has lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime unit of Delhi Police. The person in question is one Partha Mandal from Nauhati in Hooghly, West Bengal.

Sharmishtha said in her message said:”The person is completely unknown to me and he sent me dirty sexual messages last night… My first reaction was to ignore and block him. But then I thought silence would encourage him to find other victims. Just blocking and reporting is not enough… I strongly feel such people should be publicly exposed and humiliated.”

She took the same social media cicuit to tag him and request people to share the post so that such incidents of online bullying of women should be stopped.

Sharmishtha said she would be making the complaint as any other woman in the cocuntry and not as the President’s daughter. Sharmishtha, a Sociology student of JNU during her academic life, was an active participant in student movements within the campus, which had sought to expose such harassment cases.

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