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Cyanogen Dumps OnePlus to Embrace Micromax in India, What Next?

OnePlus, another Chinese manufacturer of mobile phones, which has announced the launch of OnePlus One smartphone from December 2 on Amazon India e-commerce retail website in the mid-range at Rs.25,000, received a shock when Cyanogen OS has dumped it in favour of Indian manufacturer Micromax.

The Cyanogenmod deal with Micromax means no more updates will be available for Indian buyers of the OnePlus One smartphone, a major stumbling block before its foray into the Indian market. But the Chinese phone maker is not relenting and has decided to embrace the Google Android latest OS Lollipop for its future requirements in India.

In a blog post on its official website, OnePlus said, “It was surprising and disappointing to hear from Cyanogen on November 26 that they had granted exclusive rights in India over the Cyanogen system to another company.”

Apologising to Indian prospective buyers, Cyanogen said that it is “truly unfortunate that a commitment we both made to our Indian users will now not be upheld”, but quickly added that it would continue to provide OTAs for at least a year from now.

Assuring Indian buyers that there will be continued support for the OnePlus One, the company said they have already set up a own Android team to build the software which would power their future devices and updates. “So, though it’s not what we originally planned, we have shifted engineering efforts to the OnePlus One upon hearing this news,” said OnePlus in the blog post.

OnePlus One Mobile Phone on

OnePlus One Mobile Phone on

The Chinese phone maker is also planning to release its own OS developed on Android by February which will support all its future device, indirectly affecting the sales of its much-hyped OnePlus One device already on the block for purchase on Amazon India.

Further, OnePlus has assured to set up local stations in India to personally upgrade its phones to the new OS release next year. “We will commit to at least two years of support for the OnePlus One, starting from the release of our first community build. When our system reaches a production-grade build, we will identify where larger clusters of our users are, and set up stations where we’ll meet you face to face and help you flash your existing OnePlus One to the new system. Of course, we will also offer online instructions for those who prefer to flash their devices from the comfort of their homes,” it said.

It may be noted that the OnePlus One Android smartphone, based on CyanogenMod developed 11s Android OS, recevied rare reviews for its features and specs but it remains to be seen how the manufacturer withstands the setback before the launch of its first handset in India.

Meanwhile, Micromax has already announced its launch of Yu series of smartphone, which will be based on CyanogenMod Android KitKat 4.4 based ROMs, in December.

Some unconfirmed reports have also said that Google was equally upset with Cyanogen, which has usurped the top position in Chinese OS support and offered it a $1 billion to acquire though the latter has rejected it outright.

Now that Cyanogen support for OTAs is not there for OnePlus One in India, customers may be wary of buying the device until it is proved that the next fully-developed Android 5.0 Lollipop platform is customized and offered for new devices by the company.

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