Cuttack Fallout: South Africa to Abandon On-going India Tour 2015?

Shocked by the unruly behaviour of spectators at the Cuttack stadium on Monday, the South African team is pondering abrupt cancellation of its other tour programs as part of the hyped Gandhi-Mandela Series 2015 mid-way.

India was humiliatingly defeated by the South Africans in Cuttack in the second T20 international. The shocking crowd behavior at Barabati in Cuttack is not the only reason but the main is reason was what happened in Delhi, during a practice match.

In Delhi, the crowd invaded the field and hundreds of fans sitting next to boundary ropes invaded the field as soon as the game was over. Somehow, the South African players escaped unhurt.

However, the tourists have been provided tight security. Indian team faced a humiliting defeat against the tourists.

Ironic but the series named after two world champions of peace and tolerance have been marked by incidents which reflect exactly the opposite of the spirit from the crowd.

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