Curd or Yoghurt Stems Osteoporosis, Strengthens Bones Among Elderly: New Study

Curd (Dahi/Yoghurt) can significantly reduce osteoporosis among olde men and women and help them recover from calcium deficiency, said a new research supporting age-old Ayurvedic prescription of the food ingredient for a number of stomach ailments and knee problems.

A study by Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, found yoghurt consumption leads to higher hip bone density and reduces the risk of reduction in bone strength and fracture as we age. Curd has calcium that is crucial for growing children and aged people.

The study has reiterated the belief showing how each unit increase in yogurt intake in women resulted in a 31 percent lower risk of osteopenia, when the body fails to make new bone – and a 39 percent lower risk of osteoporosis. Among men, yoghurt intake led to a 52 percent lower risk of osteoporosis.

“Yoghurt is a rich source of different bone promoting nutrients,” said lead author Eamon Laird.

Women with the highest yoghurt intake had higher hip and femoral neck bone mineral density by 3.1 to 3.9 percent compared to those with no or little intake of curd. Men who consume the highest yoghurt had 9.5 percent lower bone breakdown.

Though the reults were promising, the researchers could not pinpoint the exact mechanism for the bone mechanism. “We still don’t understand the exact mechanisms which could be due to the benefits of micro-biota or the macro and micro nutrient composition of the yogurt,” said Miriam Casey, a physician at St. James’s Hospital in Dublin.

The particiapnts in the study included 1,057 women and 763 men who underwent a bone-mineral-density (BMD) assessment and 2,624 women and 1,290 men who had undergone tests for their physical fitness. No wonder, an Asian who lived longest had once attributed his secret to constant consumption of curd.

The findiings have been published in the journal Osteoporosis International.

Otherwise, according to Easy Ayurveda, curd has several benefits including its benefits to treat osteoporosis:

General curd benefits:
Curd has
Amla rasa – sour taste
Amla paka – undergoes sour taste conversion after digestion
Grahi – absorbent, useful in diarrhoea,
Guru – heavy to digest
Ushna – hot in nature
Vatajit – balances Vata
Increases Meda (fat), Shukra (semen), Bala (strength), Kapha, Raktapitta (bleeding disorders), Agni (digestion strength) and shotha (inflammation).
Rochishnu – increases taste
Useful in
aruchau – useful in anorexia
Vishamajwara – chronic, recurrent fever
Peenasa – rhinitis
Mutrakruchra – dysuria
Grahani – mal-absorption syndrome.

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