Curd or No Curd, Quality of Health Remains Same, Says New Study

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Do you like yogurt that too hoping to become thin. No way as new research finds no link between curd intake and daily health.

The new study conducted on 4,445 Spanish adults for more than 3 years, said, “The regular consumption of yogurt is not linked to health-related quality of life.”

Esther Lopez-Garcia from Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain carried out the study in Spain evaluating association between the regular consumption of yogurt or curd and the physical and mental health as per the health-related quality of life (HRQL) index.

When the researchers compared people who did not eat yogurt and those who ate this dairy product regularly, they found no significant improvement in their score on the physical component of quality of life. Though there was a slight improvement mentally, this was not statistically significant, noted Lopez-Garcia.

This study negates the findings of several research papers that have suggested that the consumption of yogurt could influence HRQL either directly or indirectly.

These studies based their reason on curd being rich in calcium, protecting the bones and that it could help to combat osteomuscular illnesses — one of the conditions with greatest negative impact on the quality of life.

However, the new study did not elaborate on curd intake associated with lesser weight or a lower rate of cardiovascular diseases. The paper has been published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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