CSIR’s Anti-Diabetes Ayurvedic Drug BGR-34 Priced ‘High’ Hits Markets

Though not gone through clinical tests on humans like many allopathic drugs, a partically validated anti-diabetes herbal drug called BGR-34 was launched commercially by a Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) lab in Lucknow on Sunday, assuring that it has no side effects.

Priced relatively much higher than an allopathic drug at Rs.5 per tablet, the drug manufactured by Aimil Pharmaceuticals, has been jointly developed by two CSIR laboratories, National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) and Central Institute for Medicinal and Aromatic Plant (CIMAP) — both funded by government and the tax money collected from the public.

It was officially launched on the 62nd annual day of the NBRI for commercial manufacturing, but the price revealed has come as a shocker without any explanation. There are many Ayurvedic drugs for diabetes available in the market but the BGR-34 claims that it was scientifically proved on animals and "achieved 67%" success, while no proof of it has been uploaded by the NBRI on its website.

"The drug has extracts from four plants mentioned in Ayurveda and that makes it safe," said Dr AKS Rawat, senior principal scientist, NBRI. It was not made clear whether the drug has undergone any officially prescribed test on humans or not. "It has been tested on animals and scientific study has found it safe and effective, with clinical trials showing 67% success," said the scientist without giving the details.

The NBRI claims that the drug boosts immune system, works as antioxidant and checks free radicals and help maintain normal blood glucose levels, reduce chances of complications due to persistent high blood glucose levels and impart a good quality life to patients with high blood sugar levels.

While the allopathic medicine for diabetes called Melmet is sold Rs.25 for 15 tablets, almost Re.1.60 per tablet, the Ayurvedic medicine at Rs.5 per tablet is an eye-opener in a country like India where the Ayurvedica and Herbal medicines are funded by the government but priced high in the commercial market.

"We will manufacture it now and it will be available in market shortly," says V S Kapoor, marketing head of Aimil Pharmaceuticals for UP and Delhi. It is priced at Rs 500 for 100 tablets.

However, the major complaint on all Ayurvedic medicines is that they have not been put through the rigorous human clinical trial and very often touted to be "without side effects", which is not always true.


  1. Where are available BGR – 34 in Andhra Pradesh? Please kindly give me address of medical shops

  2. birendra kumar tiwary

    Please compare between bgr 34 and ime 9. Both drugs are based on ayurved and aproved by govt

  3. Ratnesh Mishra

    Glad to know about the medicine to control BS. Please inform its availability in Patna / Darbhanga in Bihar.

  4. write the phone no for bgr 34 in new bhopal

  5. I am from Mumbai. I am a diabetic patient from last many years. Where will I get this medicine in Mumbai.

  6. Good Work CSIR keep doing Well……………

  7. I do not think so. we spend a lot of money on snacks. than why we are thinking that it is expensive medicine. it has a plus point – Ayurvedic medicine. in my opinion- price is reliable to us

  8. I was suffering from diabetes since two years.
    I tried BGR-34 for two weeks.Considerable reduction in sugar count is noted.
    The only problem is not available local medical shops.
    Try online http://tinyurl.com/123BGR34Diabetes

  9. Is this medicine BGR-34 available in medical shops at Kerala. I am from Kollam. please send the reply in my e-mail: vijuavicote@gmail.com

  10. vijaysar is the main ingredient of BGR 34 which is authentic herb in controlling blood sugar among diabetes. almost all formulations for diabetes contains vijaysar as main ingredients. some pharmacy declare it and some not. to know more about vijaysar visit http://www.vijaysar.net

  11. Yes you can easily get BGR-35 in New Agra, Dayalbagh Road….mb# 9887030066

  12. BGR 35 is easily available at New Agra at DEV MEDICAL…KINDLY CONTACT: 9897030066

  13. Aniruddha Tarale

    Please kindly inform me whether this medicine is available in NAGPUR, MAHARASHTRA.

  14. Required information of medical stores where does those tablets will avaliable in near by location of martvada on priority basices……

  15. Please inform me in Gujarat where BGR-34 available. and i want intrested dailer ship for all gujarat state (BGR-34) kindly guide me for that. Thanking you

  16. K-21, Jaitpur Extension, Part-I,
    Near Arpan Public School,
    New Delhi-110 044.

  17. I read your article where u said, “BGR 34 is really not a recommended medicine” because you suffered from gastric disorders and severe allergy all over your body. It is really a big problem that you are facing .But it’s really a strange thing that any ayurvedic medicine has shown any side effect. I recommend this medicine to my neighbor she uses this medicine since last 2 months but doesn’t suffer any problems. Have you contact CSIR or AIMIL about your problem.

  18. Santosh Kr. Singh

    Respected Sir, I am 40 yrs. Old & suffering from Diabetes from last 8 yrs. This is my genetic disease. Previously my Blood-Sugar was between 170-215 in fasting but nowadays (within 2 months) is maintaining between 100-120 after changing my doctor. Sir I heard about your BGR-34. & I want to use this medicine. So you are warm requested to kindly guide me what will be does & till how long have to take? Also guide can I take with English Medicine which presently I am taking (Zoryl-2).? I shall be OBLIGED & THANKFUL to you for this kind co-operation.

    With Warm Regard:
    Santosh Kr. Singh
    (Mob.No.- +91 78378 00171)
    E-mail: santoshrolls@gmail.com

  19. Today I have bought BGR-34. From tomorrow I will start this medicine. Then I will share my experience with you people. My recent blood sugar fasting levels are 253 and HBA1c is 10.90. Let’s wait and see the effects. Till then goodbye and wish me gud luck!

  20. Reference to the mentioned side effects from Ayurvedic Diabetes Drug BGR-34. It may be noted that the drug has been thoroughly

    pre-clinical and clinically studied for efficacy & safety and is duly licensed by State Licensing Authority (ISM) and is composed from all known herbs used in the country since centuries. Anyhow, based on sensitization of individual, even if the claimed allergic or gastric discomfort is felt the concern along with the medical reports should contact NBRI-CIMAP, medical officials or the manufacturer at their New Delhi Office.

  21. BGR 34 is really not a recommended medicine, i took the dosage for nearly 10 days initially i was suffering from gastric disorders and now i have a severe allergy all over my body… So i wont recommend the tablet to anyone.

  22. Kya muje ye tablet mil sakti hain, I m living in mumbai. Plz tell me.

  23. try to where bgr_34 tablets available in a.p&karnataka

  24. Today I have got the BGR-34. Shall start taking twice a day from tomorrow and also shall continue the present allopathic medicines which I have been taking. Shall get my Blood and Urine checked after a week. If I achieve 90 for fasting and 120 for post lunch sugar, I shall think that the drug has worked.

  25. Arunima Dasgupta

    With great hope I want to share few words.As becaz we ,diabetics are having a hope to reverse the inconvenience, we always jump to the field ‘shall I be cured with this med?’ So I personally would like to know little more about bgr34 so that I get d benefit . Good wishes to all.Nothing b is impossible. ……

  26. Sir , kya up me available ho chuki hai Yeh pills

  27. Kindly let me know from where to collectBGR 34

  28. I am surprised that CSIR is claiming this to be the first Scientifically Validated Anti Diabetes Ayurvedic Medicine as Ayusante Gluco Health is available in the market since April 2014. Maybe AIMIL has had to shed a lot of bucks for that lie. And unlike BGR 34, Gluco Health has been clinically tested on humans too with direct comparisons with Metformin, Roziglutazone etc. Anybody who wants to get good results in Diabetes can contact me, the price for Gluco Health is Rs.575
    Malay Samant : +918558822313

  29. Will you please share with us about status of this drug distribution in India and specially in Maharashtra. Can NGO involve in its fair distribution.

  30. Now this medicine is available online with Amazon.in.
    I have purchased and shall try. After trial I will post my comments

  31. Nandvadekar S.S.

    Is this medicine available in pune maharashtra?

  32. Please don’t CALL 8095642357 I am not dealing with BGR 34. I am waiting if anyone get this please send me a sms .

  33. Please note that I am not dealing with BGR34.
    Iam diabetes after consumption of the products
    I got good health benefits I am just sharing with you all. For workd diabetes day.

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  37. Patna me kab se lagu hoga ye …
    Ya mil raha hai medical shop me ….

  38. let me send shop phone for bhopal center

  39. If Diabecon/Diabecon DS doesn’t wok, this will also not work.
    Diabetes is about carb intolerance and no amount of gurmar, methi, karela, jamun and giddichi will ever work.

  40. Can anyone care enough to give more info on this BGR-34, what are active ingredients, what is the mechanism of action and what kind of scientific literature basis and any clinical trial studies – otherwise it will end up becoming another quack medicine…

  41. Pls let me know where and which pharmacy i will be get these tablets in Mumbai.

  42. Parmanand thakur

    छ.ग. मे कब से मिलेगा

  43. Plz give me this pills i am live in ahmedabad


  44. I wish to have one bottle of 100 tabs amounting Rs. 500 either through C.O.D. [Cash on Delivery] at my following address:– Anil Chowdhry,
    35 / J–7, RAMPUR GARDEN, BAREILLY-243001
    Mobile: 9411882100.
    After using the BGR–34, TABS, ONLY THEN I can offer my comments.

  45. dhirendra pathak

    I m in need of bgr 34. I m living in ahmedabad. Please give me a add. From where I purchase.


  47. Plese tell me where BGR – 34 tablets available in Andhrapradesh

  48. kya online mil sakti hai ye medicine.

  49. i want take distributionship of this madicine.

  50. Pl.inform me in surat city Gujarat where BGR-34 available. Thanking you

  51. It is a good step forward for diabetic patients. Results on trials on human is not seen anywhere.
    It is a check on the problem or a cure ?

  52. Where would i get thistablet in Mumbai

  53. लातूर (महाराष्ट्र ) दवा कहाॅ मिलेगी.

  54. We want bgr 34 tab in sangrur punjab

  55. Where can I get BGR – 34 in Nagpur . Maharashtra.??

  56. Where BGR 34 could be bought in Bangalore or Kochi.

  57. Dr.Bharat Ganatra

    Pl.inform me in Gujarat where BGR-34 available. Thanking you

  58. Availability in Jaipur Market?

  59. बहोत ही उत्तम कार्य।क्या यह दवा छत्तीसगढ़ मे मिलेगा।

  60. I I hope its very good for Diabetes


  62. md.rahamathullah

    kindly advice me that how to purchase the BGR 34 tablests now I am from telangana state in india.

  63. Happy to know about medicine. ……
    is this medicine available in bihar

  64. Is this medicine available in bihar

  65. Plz.give me add..
    In gujrat
    I buy it..

  66. Medical store

  67. Dr. Anisetti Thammayya

    When I was a child during the period between 1936 and 1948 my parents treated many diseases by local herbs or its products. I survived typhoid with that. Indian herbs are all medicinal plants. Let us survey for their medicinal properties. Tribal people treat their diseases and other maladies with locally available herbs. With the advent of modern medicine, most of the population forgot or neglected indigenous ways of treating diseases.
    Psoriasis is cured with the herbal extract of Wrightia tinctoria. This tree is a common tree growing in hilly forests in India, Vietnam and Australia. Medicine alone can not cure. Along with herbal medication the patient has to boost immunity by following healthy life style including 1. Early to bed and good rest 2. Diet includes vegetables, fruits and whole grains 3. Regular physical activity 4 Regular excretion through sweat, urine, breathe and stool 5 Positive emotion.. No smoking, drinking, soft drinks. No coloured or preservative food additives.
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  68. Can anyone care enough to give more info on this BGR-34, what are active ingredients, what is the mechanism of action and what kind of scientific literature basis and any clinical trial studies – otherwise it will end up becoming another quack medicine…

  69. Happy to know about medicine to control blood sugar .send me ,price list ,which contents, used by u.

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