Cruelty in Maharashtra Mantralaya Forces Father Lose Son Forever

In a show of cruel officialdom that is pervasive in the corridors of Maharashtra Secretariat, a state Agriculture Department official’s pleas for a half day leave as his son was panic with depression were not only turned down but also his second plea for mercy was denied by a cruel official.

The boy committed suicide when distraught father returned home after attending the office hours as per the rule insisted by the superior and official showcasing the so-called officialdom unmatched to any human considerations in current society.

On August 12, Agriculture department Joint Secretary Rajesh Ghadge in Mantralaya received a panic call from his son, who was undergoing depression, and seeking his return home immediately. His plea was turned down.

Again after few hours, the son called him and threatened this time to commit suicide if the father did not return. But the superior official did not budge and the son showed the careless world of officials what he meant.

The government has ordered enquiry over Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) Bhagwan Sahay’s denial of permission to his subordinate despite the urgency involved in the case.mantralaya

State Minister for Agriculture Pandurang Phundkar said, “I have spoken to Ghadge and had also asked state Chief Secretary to order an inquiry into the incident.”

The distraught father who had lost his son is now contemplating Voluntary Retirement. Will UPSC wake up to instill basic human values in its IAS and other Central Services at least now? Looks like the British Raj is still in the nerves of our officials who treat every subordinate as their servant or inferior.

The episode reiterates the fact that most of our rulers and bureaucrats are sympathetic to dogs but not their subordinates. All senior IAS officiers should be recalled immediately by UPSC for training on diseases like depression and how to react in such situations as humans.

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