Cristiano Ronaldo gets his own galaxy, ‘CR7’

Real Madrid ‘star’ Cristiano Ronaldo has finally found his ‘star.’ The Portuguese now has a galaxy nicknamed “CR7” after him.

COSMOS Redshift 7 is 13 billion years old and has been termed as an “exceptionally rare object by far the brightest galaxy ever observed at this stage in the Universe.”

On Wednesday, the European Southern Observatory said that the “nickname was inspired by the great Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is known as CR7.”


ESO said the name, COSMOS Redshift 7 was given as a measure of its place in terms of cosmic time. “The higher the redshift, the more distant the galaxy and the further back in the history of the Universe it is seen,” ESO also added.

The research was led by a team of seven, where two members had been a part of University of Lisbon in Portugal.

Now the nickname CR7 will have two partners as there is already a line of underwear with the same name, endorsed by Ronaldo.

In our recent articleCristiano Ronaldo, we talked about Lionel Messi ruling aside the presence of any rivalry between him and Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, with these two football heroes creating and recreating feats for themselves it’s hard to accept the claim.

While Messi has already become the highest goal scorer for Barcelona with 412 goals, Ronaldo is just 10 goals short of claiming the same for his club, Real Madrid. He has 313 goals in 300 games, currently.

After beating Messi to become the third highest paid athlete in the world, Ronaldo seems to have gone an edge closer to outshine him for all. He has now got a galaxy named after him.

Now, Messi has got “real’ competition here.

Photo Credits: Addesolen


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