Could Not Get Through JEE Mains or IIT? Check Some Study Abroad Options

Students of stanford University. (Photo courtesy: stanford .edu)

Students of stanford University. (Photo courtesy: stanford .edu)


Those who failed to get into JEE Advanced or into national colleges or state top engineering or medical colleges can now consider the choice of studying abroad that gives an advantage anyday in one’s upward movement in career.

Especially engineering is availabel abroad in institutions based in the UK, the USA, Singapore, Australia or Europe. Here are some options to study abroad for Indian students.



In Australia, the engineering schools are regulated by Institution of Engineers Australia to conform to the norms of quality and professional reputation, so there is no risk in joining them. Here are links to some top universities:

United States of America: 

The top universities offering engineering course in the US are:

Europe: Some of the best universities in Europe that offer engineering courses are:



For more details on education abroad, check

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