Coronavirus Cure: Florida Hospital Finds Magic Combo of Medicines with 96% Success

A combination of drugs provide near-perfect cure to COVID-19, according to doctors in AdventHealth Ocala, Florida, who are upbeat about the drug therapy called ICAM. Though the clinical trial is far away, the ICAM therapy has resulted in a 96.4% survival rate since April, said pharma researchers.

ICAM is an acronym for a combination of existing medications used simultaneously on patients. The Florida hospital used Immunosupport drugs (Vitamin C and Zinc), Corticosteroids against inflammation, Anticoagulants against blood clots, and Macrolides to help fight infection. Macrolides are a class of antibiotics and azithromycin is one of this family, also known for its link with hydroxychloroquine.

In fact, all these drugs are being used already in many hospitals and the combination may explain why this has yielded near-perfect results. Essentially, it reinforces the immune system and protects the lungs from inflammation. The hospital said required no ventilators to fight the Covid-19, regardless of age and regardless of past medical history.

COVID-19 interactive exhibition  CREDIT Interspectral AB

COVID-19 interactive exhibition / Interspectral AB

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 is known for affecting blood vessels and leading to the formation of blood clots that impacts the lungs, brain, and heart, leading to strokes and heart attacks.

“The ICAM protocol has the potential to trigger the reopening of the country,” Director of Pharmacy at AdventHealth Ocala Dr. Carlette Norwood-Williams told Fox 35. “We will know the next step after our outpatient study.”

ICAM “doesn’t kill coronavirus, but it doesn’t need to. Viruses are self-limiting anyway. They have a very short life cycle. What kills people are the consequences of coronavirus in multiple ways,” she said.

The Hospital said it is planning to partner with Marion County Health Department and Heart of Florida Health Centers to conduct the ICAM as an outpatient treatment for 100 adults with the novel coronavirus.

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