Copa America 2015: Chile vs Uruguay live score, hosts Chile looking end 99 years of pain

The stadium is jam packed with a sea of red – obviously as Chile is in the quarter finals.

Alexis Sanchez with Arturo Vidal will look to do it for their country – Chile, who are undoubtedly the second favorites to win the tournament after Argentina.

5.03 am IST: Kick off started. Uruguay takes their second throw in 3 minutes.
6 minutes: Uruguay seems to tackle well with their opponents. Chile keeping the ball well from early on and creating lot of chances for themselves.
11 minutes: First corner of the match goes for Chile. Sanchez takes it but Uruguayans push it away.
13 minutes: Valdivia tackling the ball well. Chile is controlling the penalty area well. Muslera must be having a tough time.
15 minutes: Shoot! That was a real chance for Uruguay and the first also. Cavani was fouled and that surely called for a yellow card.
17 minutes: Valdivia has been booked with yellow color.He couldn’t escape Brazilian referee’s eyes. Gimenez attacks Vargas, the Chile No.10 booked to get back via revenge but it wasn’t really a foul – TV replays show.
20 minutes: That was a great shot by Carlos Sanchez,but Barcelona goalkeeper looked confident about the ball going wide and it did. Uruguay stepping up the game.
25 minutes: The No.10 Chilean continues to steal the show. After a lovely pass to Aranguiz directly into the penalty box, Aranguiz shoots the ball. But Muslera is too aware to let that go- catches it tightly.
29 minutes: An unnecessary foul on Vidal for Edinson Cavani. An argument with the side referee gets Cavani a yellow card. The 28-year-old has been off until now, and now he gets a yellow card.
33 minutes: Isla and Valdivia breaking the Uruguayan defense as Isla’s shot to Sanchez goes vain after the Arsenal man’s header fails to net a goal. Hosts looking very strong.
36 minutes: That was really close! Valdivia is all over the field. A great pass to tournament’s top scorer – Vidal, and the Juventus man shoots it right at Muslera who grabs the ball right away. Chile are leaving no options and creating none for the visitors – Uruguay.

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