Fairlife brand by Coca-Cola (Photo oourtesy: www.hoards.com)

Coca Cola Now Sells Milk ‘Fairlife’ as Soda Taxes Mount Pressure on Profit Margins

Coca-Cola, got Coke, Thums Up, but now eyeing milk. To be launched soon as Fairlife, a new, premium milk product priced almost double the Coke’s standard price, will hit freezers in all corner shops.

Coca-Cola claims that the drink has been through “a proprietary milk filtering process” with 50% more proteins than Coke and decreased sugar content by 30%, will be lactose free.

Coke senior vice president Sandy Douglas, revealed it at the investors’ conference last week but the release date is not yet decided.

Coke has been facing uphill task defending its sugar drinks owing to new health studies, which have ridiculed its claims of a healthy drinks and sods filled with sugar and juices or artificially sweetened diet drinks. In the US and Mexico, which are its large markets, have imposed soda taxes to ward off obesity effect of the drinks.

The new diary milk to be launched soon will have to offset the losses for the company to stay aloft in an anti-social tirade against its products in almost all the countries around the world.

Coming to milk, the rivalry is not new but Coca-Cola is banking on its speacial processing techniques, which are not revealed but sure to hit the health-conscious consumers for a long time to come.

Another premium tag to “Fairlife” is going to test its ad blitz to be unleashed on TVs soon.

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