Clinton refuses to confirm Gadhafi’s death, still cites reports

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi was killed but US Secretary of State declined to confirm or deny the reports, raising eye-brows across the world on the authenticity of the reports and confirmations coming from the global media and the Libyan Transition National Council (TCS).

In a typical crisp reply to a question toconfirm the death of the dictator, she said, “If the reports are true, I think it offers a new opportunity for Libya to move forward in the future, but until the TNC itself confirms the reports, we will wait for them.”

When the correspondent persisted citing the TNC, she reiterated her stand saying, “Then I would just say what I said.”

This is in contrast from the way President Barack Obama and the State Department unequivocally declared the death of dreaded terrorist Osama bin-Laden few months ago.

A day before, Secretary Clinton said, “They’re now awash with weapons in Libya, and a lot of the warehouses of all the weapons that Qadhafi had stocked have either gone missing or are in hands of those who need to be disarmed. So that’s a big concern. It’s a big concern for the United States, it’s a big concern for the Libyans.”

However, Washington knew that the death of Gadhafi has no consequences now and the disarming the citizens is its utmost concern.

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