Chocolates increase sperm count, say experts

India might be on the verge of becoming the most populous country by 2030, however fertility experts have found a new diet that will help a man increase his sperm count.


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A nourishing diet that is filled with contents rich in antioxidants not only increases the sperm count, but also caters to the possession of healthy sperm cells.

The experts stressed that men should pay attention to their food choices as various life factors like obesity, lack of exercise, and stress posed a negative impact on their sperm and further problems in their sexual life, without their knowledge.

Kshitiz Murdia who is a leading health expert from Indira Fertility Clinic and Test Tube Centre, New Delhi said that men should be aware “that the health of their sperm is an extremely important factor in getting a woman pregnant.”

He added that quality, quantity and motility are the three main factors that decide the health of sperm cells.

Not denying that age also plays an important part in male’s infertility because sperm’s motility and proportion tend to get reduced, Murdia said that a great deal depends on the quality of the sperms.

He emphasized that eating tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, melon, pumpkin seeds, fish, walnuts, blueberries and pomegranates is the way to possessing “healthy sperm cells.”

He stated that dark chocolates are responsible for increasing the quantity of ejaculate and contributes in the betterment of sperm count and motility. “The darker the chocolate, the better quality of sperms gets.”

He further added that water is the “simplest way to increase the sperm count and quality,” explaining that “semen is water based” and elevating intake of liquid certainly helps in the betterment of sperm production.

He also said  that consuming regular dose of multi-vitamins also contributes to healthy sperms.

Sandeep Seth who is another fertility expert from Downtown hospital of Kolkata, said that weight also plays a critical part in fertility. “If a man happens to be overweight or obese, then exercising is very crucial as diet modification alone won’t work,” he added.

Seth cautioned that exercising should be wisely practiced because it tends to elevate the temperature of the testicles and scrotum that can influence the quality of the sperm.

He said that excessive saunas, hot bathtub and cycling should be avoided, and “instead one should opt for shower.”

He further added that “sperm can be especially vulnerable to environmental factors” like contact to extreme heat or toxic chemicals, explaining that the ongoing trend of using laptops – working of watching TV series or movies, for longer hours directly sends the heat from the device to the scrotum, thereby reducing the possibility of possessing healthy sperms.

He also cautioned that those men attempting to have a bay should withhold themselves from both active and passive smoking “from at least 2 months in advance,” because smoking causes damage in the sperm DNA, thereby making “abnormalities in the sperm cell.”

This discovery is a contrast to the known fact that chocolates cause weight gain and heart problems, not to forget causes cavity in teeth. reported that one ounce (28.35 grams) of dark chocolate possesses 9 grams of fat, 5 grams of saturated fat, 13 grams of sugar and 156 calories. Of these, saturated fat increases cholesterol levels in blood and increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Not only this, the report added that too much caffeine in dark chocolates has three major side effects – degrades anxiety disorders, increases sugar levels in blood and degrades the diabetic condition, degrades the diarrheic condition as well.

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