Chinese New Year of Goat Starts Today, Red Envelopes Flood Markets

Chinese New Year of goat starts on Thursday, February 19, 2015 celebrated by more than 1.5 billion Chinese all over the world, including the neighbouring Asian countries and diasporas around the globe.

Chinese, however, celebrate the New Year with utmost sincerity. The day starts with greetings — “Gong xi fa cai” in Mandarin, or “Gung hay fat choy” in Cantonese, or “xin nian kuai le,” in Mandarin, which stand for Prosperous New Year or Happy New Year, respectively.

chichgoat-1024x767Based on lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year falls on Thursday but the celebrations begin on Wednesday night itself and 2015 is an year of goat, according to the Chinese zodiac that has 12 years in cycle, each represented by a different animal.

The goat or sheep reflects the feminine form and is expected to bring romance, beauty, art and prosperity. Otherwise, the year is also seen as a year to resolve long-standing issues and drive off negative spirits.

In fact, the Chines character (script) for goat (Yang) is symmetrical in shape and embodies the signs of harmony and balance, which is expected to bless babies born this year with these characters and they are known as pacifists or peace-loving generation.

Also the Chinese New Year brings out small red envelopes in massive circulation as parents hand over red envelopes with cash up to $100 to children and unmarried relatives symbolizing good luck and fortune.

Once they are married, parents stop giving red envelopes and it is the married couple who should give it out to other single relatives.

Like any modern-day New Year, the Chinese New Year Days is also celebrated with firecrackers to ward off evil spirits in Chinese culture, with a saying: “May the bold Chinese New Year firecracker scare away bad luck and welcome good luck throughout the year!”

Traditional Chinese food is taken on the day including fish, sweet rice balls, sticky rice cakes, dumplings, Peking duck and longevity noodles and Chinese believe that the day augurs well if one takes traditional food.

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