Chinese Army Withdraws from Ladakh after Modi-Jinping Meeting

Chinese troops began to withdraw from Chumar village of Ladakh from Thursday night, after Narendra Modi raised the topic with Xi-Jinping at their meeting at Hyderabad House in Delhi.

Modi said to Jinping that China had to restore the status quo that existed before September 10 in Ladakh this year while pitching for a quick clarification of the Line of Actual Control (LAC).
Modi said that peace and tranquillity along the borders was imperative for mutual trust and for realizing the full potential of Sino-Indian relations. He said to Jinping, "This is an important understanding, which should be strictly observed."
However, sources said that Modi took up the border issue strongly as the government understood that the incidents at Chumar could not have taken place without the concurrence of the top Chinese leadership.
Regarding the issue, the Chinese president on Thursday said that he had "noted” India’s concerns and that the incidents in Ladakh may be a fallout of the non-demarcated border.
According to reports, sources said that the Chinese troops started retreating into their territory from 9:45pm. Though the troop began withdrawing, an eagle eye will be maintained to watch the troop, as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had camped just across the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and the situation would be reviewed on Friday.
In order to outnumber the Chinese troops, the Indian Army had ensured enough presence in the region. At the same time, more Indian troops were ready to move into the region, where civilians formed a human wall to prevent the Chinese from moving into the Indian Territory.
According to the sources, on Sunday, a road had been constructing on side of LAC by the Chinese workers. While the workers entered into the Indian territory to carry on the constructions, they were objected by the Indian army as the Chinese workers were making assertions that they have instructions to build a road up to Tible, which is five kilometres deep into Indian territory. It is said that the troop decided to withdraw from the area by taking own decision.

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