A Chines programmer proposed his love interest with 99 iPhones bought with 500,000 yuans but got rejected. Twitter (Ryan Ho Kilpatrick ‏@ChungYingSt)

China Techie’s Singles’ Day Show off of 99 iPhones Fails to Get Nod

A Chinese young salaried man, bored being single, proposed his girl friend on the Singles’ Day with 99 iPhone 6s in front of his office colleagues but to his surprise the girl rejected him despite his show cost him two years of his salary.

Singles’ Day is celebrated in China on every 11 November since it shows four ‘1’s in the calendar — 11/11, all lonely ones.

The Singles’ Day countdown however begins a day earlier and on Monday one Chinese programmer made futile bid to win his girl’s consent went viral on Twitter with Ryan Ho Kilpatrick ‏@ChungYingSt putting it on the social networking website.

Tencent News reported that the man, who painfully arranged all the iPhone 6 units in a heart shape on the occasion, made the girl stand inside and he too stepped inside and proposed her while the colleagues took pictures and watched hime do the appeal. But marriages are made in heaven, not inside an artificial heart-shaped ring, hence the girl did not accept his marriage proposal.

Soon, photos of the unsuccessful bid went viral on Chinese social media site “Weibo” with many people taking sides. While some have dismissed the gesture, others took fun of him and his wise decision to buy iPhones, which have good resale value and it wouldn’t be a loss. “How many kidneys did it take to buy those phones?” said another remark on Weibo, according the Tencent News.

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