China Takes Note of India’s Mangalyaan, Ranks it as 6th ‘Leading Space Power’

ISRO MoM to Live Longer than expected. (Photo: ISRO)

ISRO MoM to Live Longer than expected. (Photo: ISRO)

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission Mangalyaan has made the world sit up and take congnisance of other space majors and China too has taken note of the accomplishment by mentioning it in its annual report released recently.

The report by the Beijing Institute of Space Science and Technology said the US, Europe, Russia, China, Japan and India are the leading powers in space, adding that India has become the first Asian country to successfully send a mission to Mars in 2014, a feat that China failed to achieve despite its attempts earlier.

The Beijing Institute report evaulated about 20 countries for their space research in areas such as strategy, product systems, infrastructure, industry, innovation and global influence. While the report ranked China as the fourth in the world, but said Japan and India are fast catching up with others to become the leading powers in the space domain.

The year 2014 saw a toral of 92 launches, a record in space history, with 262 space missions and satellites put into their respective orbits. While the US is on top with its mettle, other countreis are trying to narrow the gap with the leading member in space exploration, noted the report.

Both Europe and Russia come next in the ranking made by the Beijing Insitute with their giant leap in space capabilities and Russia recovered its lost glory in the space research planning more launches in the year, said the report.

The report said China, which is ranked fourth its evaluation, was made possible with an independent development program coupled with cooperation with the US and Japan in the field. Other nations the report said were making progress include Japan, India, Cananda and South Korea.

The report comes at a time when several nations in the world are looking skyward for a possible elevation and recognition in power politics, citing it as a “high frontier” of military and technological prowess. Even Iran and UAE are seriously funding their space research operations of late and in a decade from now, it should become both a military and technological playground for all nations.

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