China launches CBERS-4 satellite

The weekend has been bombarding with satellite launch news as China joined the US and India on Sunday launching a CBERS-4 earth-resource satellite from its Taiyuan launch centre in Shanxi province atop a Long March-4B rocket.

2014-12-07 02_45_03-LIVE_ CBERS-4 Long March-4B launch, Taiyuan - December 7, 2014The rocket lifted off at 11.26 a.m. with the earth resource satellite into its scheduled orbit, according to the Taiyuan satellite launch centre, Xinhua reported.

CBERS-4 is pat of the jointly developed satellites under the Chinese-Brazilian Earth Resource Satellite (CBERS) programme which began in 1988. Today’s flight was the 200th one for the Long March rocket series.

These satellites are meant for monitoring, planning and management of land, forestry, water conservation, environmental protection and agriculture.

The Long March rocket series of China began on April 24, 1970 when a Long March-1 carried China’s first satellite, Dongfanghong-1, into space.

Similar CBERS-3 satellite launched last year on Dec. 8, 2013 from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, however, suffered ascent problem and failed to insert the satellite into its required orbit, leading to the satellite being classed as lost.

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