Champion’s League Final 2015: Barca has edge over Juventus

Breaking the chances of an El Classico final, the 2015 Champion’s League final will see a clash between the Catalan giants FC Barcelona and Italian club, Juventus.

When to watch: 12.15 AM IST

Juventus deservingly won over Real Madrid to set up a clash against the mighty Barcelona. The way they defeat the Spanish giants, Real Madrid proved that the players’ physical fitness isquite well if not at their peak form for the Berlin final.

According to a report by, Massimiliano Allegri, the manager of Juventus said, “You cannot be at 100% after a long season.”

“But we will be as close as possible to that in Berlin,” he added.

The impressive factor in Juventus’s semi final clash against Real Madrid was their resilience – waiting for the right moment, taking their time, and playing calculative football, causing the upset.

Although, the fiery trio of Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr, and Luis Suarez seems to have answers to every strategy, such an outlook to the Catalans’ game might cause Juventus to grab an unexpected win in the Berlin final tomorrow.

According to a report by MailOnline, former Dutch footballer, Marco van Basten, believes Juventus’s “counter-attacking style” could be a key to beat Barcelona.

In the same report he added, “They are very organized at the back and very dangerous on the attack. They will have to play on the counter against Barcelona, but as we saw against Real, this suits them.”

But, Barcelona’s trio which according to Irish Mirror, former German footballer, Michael Ballack considers to be “divas who don’t like to defend” could just prove Basten wrong.

In the same report, he added: “It’s an outstanding trio. I’ve never seen three players up front in the same team like that. They are all absolute superstars. Their biggest strength can also become a weakness.”

Argentine Carlos Tevez looks in great shape for Juventus, besides their footballer Gianluigi Buffon. However, keeping all cards on the table, Barcelona looks all set to be crowned as the new UEFA Champion’s League winner.

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