CES 2015: Top 10 Exhibits Not to Miss This Year

ces2015As the CES 2015 unveils at Las Vegas, Nevada this year from January 6 to 9, it is a perfect open entry competition on display with cool digital revolutionary exhibits all over the place, each one trying to outshine the other.

While the social media networking websites Twitter and Facebook are already up and running special handles and fanpages on their website, Twitter’s hashtag #CES2015 is attracting more pictures from the past running into 1969 event onwars. One can even visit the Social Media Command Center at CEA Center in the Grand Lobby at the LVCC. Partnering with FleishmanHillard and Buzz Radar the CES Social Media Command Center integrates traditional, digital and social conversations and other data into real-time dashboards and visualizations.

In you are keen on a perfect CES souvenier, then visit the official social media photo booth run by Pixe Social to capture your CES experience right on the show floor and look for the photo booth in the Grand Lobby.

With more than 3,500 firms exhibiting new wares at CES 2015’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, “It’s still the most important event in the calendar across the broader technology landscape,” says consultant Ben Keen from IHS Technology, who is attending the event 20th time. “In the old days it was very much about what were called brown goods – everything around the TV set and related technologies. But now, it’s quite extraordinary how many sectors converge.”

Here are some top 10 exhibits visitors cannot miss at CES 2015:

1. New TV ‘LG Quantum Dot’:

LG is displaying its ‘LG Quantum Dot’ for better colour accuracy, after last year’s theme over bendable sets. LG will introduce quantum dot tech to its 4K ultra high-definition line-up that uses tiny crystals, almost 50,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair, enhancing the colour accuracy by 30% than conventional LCD TVs. Unlike Sony’s Triluminos-branded TVs with quantum dots, LG says that its sets are without the toxic substance cadmium and more eco-friendly.

2. TVs with PlayStation Now:

Sony’s last year feature PlayStation Now revealed at CES in 2014 has been coming as in-built feature in its TV sets this year, while its rivals LG is unveiling its version 2.0 of its webOS smart TV user interface for faster loading of apps and Samsung showing off TVs that can play PlayStation 3 games without a separate console after a tie-up with Sony’s PS Now streaming video game service. Samsung is also showcasing its new smart TVs running off the Linux-based Tizen operating system, while Sony, Sharp and Philips are expected to display TV sets running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) of Google.

3. Android TV:

Not falling behind, Google has said several TV-makers will support its latest television platform providing the TV picture better in a sunlit room as well as with “high dynamic range (HDR) imaging” technology for lifelike pictures and Amazon, Netflix may come out with their news on 4K Blu-ray players offering higher quality video than the net-based services.

4. Galaxy S6:

Samsung’s Yoon Boo-Keun may offer a first look at the Galaxy S6, having failed to deliver a winning flagship model in 2014. While Sony’s Xperia range as seen in the past CES events may launch a new smartphone based on Android Lollipop this time round. The keynote address by Samsung Electronics chief executive Boo-Keun Yoon on Monday will reveal what is under wraps from the South Korean giant. Even China’s bestselling smartphone-maker Xiaomi is likely to unveil a new flagship at CES and announce a move into the US market, reports say.

Apple’s imminent release of its much-discussed iWatch will make foray into the show and also Goldkey, a little-known brand, has already announced its planned launch of an independent wrist telephone.

5. Wearable Health Monitors:

The CES 2015 is going gaga over health monitoring wearable devices, which have created a major chunk of business last year to the tune of 19 million units. Besides accelerometer-centric devices, CES 2015 will showcase the GoBe tracker, Lechal haptic insoles from India, ShotTracker for basketball players, Wahoo Fitnessfor counting the number of push-ups, sit-ups and other repetitive exercises that have been completed.

6. Drones and robots:

The Zano drone, the smallest remote controlled aircraft can be seen at new section called “unmanned systems” zone where other competitors like Wales’ Torquing Group may show its Zano, a Kickstarter-backed quadcopter of hand-size that can take HD video capture. Air Dog, back after its last year’s mishap and Hexo+ will show its own product and one of the pioneers, Parrot, is promising more with new tech.

Ground-based robots section will have Japanese firm Doog’s laser-equipped droids and Paris-based start-up Keecker will show off a robot that doubles as a movie projector.

7. Smart home Launches:

Blossom’s weather forecasts to determine when to spray water, and can also be triggered by the owner’s smartphone
By contrast, this is the year that “internet of things” and “smart home”-tagged products will make a concerted push to go mainstream. Stack Alba light bulbs, Apple’s HomeKit program, Google’s Nest smart thermostat and smoke alarm could also make their presence felt at the show this year.

8. 3D printers from Makerbot, with promised 3D printer food with customised chocolates, will be seen. Mcor’s printers can create 3D objects out of paper including multicoloured 3D objects out of paper and ink.

9. Mercedes concept car will be on display while an early display of new cars ahead of the Detroit Motor Show will make an entry at the CES 2015 itself. Mercedes says its new self-drive concept car allows its passengers sit facing each other. BMW claims its new car can park itself with a smartwatch app. Ford is expected to launch the third-generation of its Sync in-car entertainment and emergency assistance system.

10. Other stuff that matters:

Alow-energy version of Bluetooth that can help keep track kids, keys, pets, luggage among others and Facebook’s Oculus Rift headset team may launch its helmet while others may unveil ways to turn existing smartphones into virtual reality VR helmets, and Giroptic says it will show off a 360-degree cameras.

Finally, don’t miss to check the ring that lets you look at your finger to see how many unread emails you have.

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