CES 2013: DaVinci hopeful on displaying its products

Ever wondered what it’s like to fly high in the sky? DaVinci Now is making it a possibility with the Eye Over the Sky Heli-Cam. This remote-controlled helicopter takes photos and video from up above with the simple click of a button, letting you fly boldly to where nobody has flown before! Features of the Heli-Cam include a 3-channel infrared control with Gyroscope camera, a durable metal frame that is sustainable against crashes, and a built-in gyro to create stable and smooth flying. The Heli-Cam can be controlled at a distance of up to 32 feet and can fly for up to 8 minutes after being charged for 40-50 minutes (MSRP $99.95).

DaVinci Now will also be featuring the Fun Flying Object Model DN450! This remote-controlled helicopter is a unique, fun, and cool toy that is perfect any age! The DN450 has a super-light foamy body that absorbs shocks from bumps or crashes, making it extremely durable and safe to use indoor and outdoor. The remote control that is included with the DN450 controls for a distance up to 60 feet and comes with an internal rechargeable battery that can fly the DN450 for up to eight minutes after being charged for 25-30 minutes ($79.95).

Also sharing the air this season will be the new Bubble Copter. The device takes you to the friendly skies, but it shoots bubbles through the built in bubble reservoir by command of the remote control (Remote, UBS Charger, and Bubbles included). The Bubble Copter can soar a distance of 30 feet from the remote which can direct it up, down, left, and right all while either speeding up or slowing down to land. Complete with built in gyro, the Bubble Copter allows the user to turn on and off the attached color lights. The Bubble Copter runs off of six AA batteries (batteries not included) and is charged with the USB charger for 45 minutes to power up the device for 7 minutes of flight time.

The new Sound Gear 360 audio product line will allow music enthusiasts to stay stylish and in touch with their music on-the-go. Whether it’s a day in cold weather, enjoying a favorite sport or just chilling, the built in high performance speakers are comfortable and versatile to enjoy music through audio sports bands, beanies, ear grips, and even earmuffs. All come equipped with detachable audio cable, volume control and removable speakers for machine washing. ($19.95- $26.95)

The Sound Gear 360 line also includes new Bluetooth headphones and mini speakers which have extraordinary sound quality, very attractive prices and are perfect for use with Smart phones, Tablets and other Bluetooth mobile devices. ($29.95 to $49.95) Cobra Digital will also be showcasing its extensive line of digital cameras, video cameras, sports cams, hidden cameras, scanners, and more during CES at booth #35409 South hall 2nd floor.

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