CBSE Cancels Affilitation of 6 NPS Schools, Founder Faces Arrest

Following manipulation allegations of 25% quota for minority students by the National Public School Group with its famous founder and famous educationist K.P. Gopalakrishnan facing arrest, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has cracked the whip withdrawing affiliation to all six NPS schools belonging to the group in Bangalore and Mysuru.

The CBSE board on Tuesday withdrew the affiliation of – National Public School in Rajajinagar, National Public School in Indiranagar, National Public School in Koramangala, National Public School in H.S.R. Layout, National Public School in Mysuru and National Academy for Learning in Basaveshwara Nagar.

The Karnataka Department of Public Instruction had recommended to the CBSE to withdraw affiliation stating that the schools had dodged the 25% reservation under the RTE quota by forging and producing fake minority certificates.

These schools are run by the National Education Trust among others in Bengaluru and Mysuru were most sought-after and its founder Gopalakrishnan was known to have rejected several recommendations for admissions in the last four decades, keeping the entire admission policy close and secret affair despite DPI’s requests to reveal the filtering system that he only knew.

The DPI has finally cracked the whip on secretive admission policy of NPS schools sating, “The management of these schools have violated the RTE Act and are indulging in fraudulent means in order to circumvent the provisions of the RTE Act and are involved in criminal activities. Hence, this is a request to withdraw the CBSE affiliation of the schools and to take any further action as per extant rules.”

Earlier, the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions wrote to the Commissioner for Public Instruction in Karnataka stating that the minority certificates produced by the NPS schools were forged and an FIR has already been filed against the school in Mysuru. However, Bangalore city police have not registered any case despite a complaint from the Commission.

The plight of all those students admitted to NPS remains in dilemma now, forcing parents to look for other avenues now.

NPS History:

Every middle class and rich parent in Bangalore would have approached NPS and NET founder and chairman K.P. Gopalakrishnan at least once in his lifetime in the last four decades seeking admission for his ward in National Public School, only to be refused by the founder, known for his secret admission policy that no one could vouch for. Finally, the secrecy has taken the toll on NPS name and fame.

While the government officials were denied outright, all those who produced some recommendation letter were shown the door. Neither parents’ income, nor the student’s merit was the criteria of NPS schools’ admission but only the founder’s consideration and decision was final in getting the admission.

Even the officials and ministers are divided as some of their wards are studying in these schools or some ministers are associated with the NPS trust that runs these schools or via affiliation.

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