Cauvery Water Dispute Turns Ugly, Dangerous in Bangalore, Chennai; Some Precautions

karnataka bus strike tomorrow

Karnataka activist groups have called for another bandh on Sept. 15, All roads leading to Chennai see huge scale attacks.

The ongoing dispute over water sharing by Karnataka to Tamil Nadu as per the Supreme Court verdict has turned violent with attacks and counter-attacks plaguing both states alike and another Karanataka Bandh called by pro-Kannada activist groups on Thursday, September 15.

On Monday, the Supreme Court modified an earlier order saying Karnataka has to release less river water, instead of 15,000 to 12,000 TMCs to its neighbour but increasing the number of days. Expecting the violent reaction, Bangalore administration has imposed Section 144 in several areas of the city banning groupingĀ of more than 5 people at any place but it turned out futile in view of escalating violence and serious attacks on roads leading to Chennai.

Several colleges and schools have been closed abruptly and parents are rushing home to pick their children especially in the ring road that has witnessed massive scale of attacks as shown on TV channels. Even the offices and schools which are open today are making hurried preparations to send home the school children safely in view of the chaos that gripped the tech-city of India.

All bus services to Tamil Nadu have been suspended, anyway. Several schools and offices were closed in view of Bakrid festival but most of them have opened today not anticipating the violent and adverse reaction to the Supreme Court’s revised order on Monday.

In Chennai too, a Karnataka company-owned New Woodlands Hotel was vandalized by a pro-Tamil group, who entered the premises overpowering the security guards and breaking glasses and window panes. The pamphlets left behind warned of retaliation if Tamils were targeted in Karnataka. Four in the 10-member group were arrested by the Chennai city police. Five tourist vehicles from Karnataka, including two buses, were also vandalized in Rameswaram.

Namma Metro Suspended

Adding fuel to the fear psychosis in Bangalore, Namma Metro train services have been suspended today but leaving all those who wanted to return home safely now prone to encounter violence anywhere on the road.

UA Vasanth Rao, PRO of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) said, “Due to disturbance in the city due to Cauvery issue, train service has been temporarily suspended”.

Tit-for-Tat Action?

The conflict over Cauvery waters has spilled on to the social media too with pro-Tamil groups making sarcastic remarks on Kannada actors and some pro-Kannada activists taking it to the streets and targeting the persons and attacking them.

A video showing an attack on an engineering student suspected to have made snidey remarks on social media was slapped and kicked around by the men has triggered more vivid fears in the city escalating the tension.

On Monday the Supreme Court, responding to Karnataka’s petition that it would not be able to release that much water, modified its order reducing daily quantum but increasing the number of days, which has spilled over into current state of affairs.

Some Tips to avoid Tension:

Parents are advised to coordinate with school authorities about their wards.

Parents are advised to pick their children at the destination instead of rushing to schools as school buses are not targeted but private vehicles are.

Remove any slogans and writings in Tamil on your vehicle at least for the day so as not to become a target to pro-Kannada groups.

Do not use social media to spread your feelings, however important they may be for a day at least.

Finally, avoid making eye-contact with any person or groups indulging in violent attacks on streets.

Please call Police Control Room on 100 in case of any help.


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