Carrie Underwood pregnant, pre-recorded video shown on Sunday Super bowl event: reports

Carrie Underwood, who sang the Sunday night Super Bowl XLIX theme song, is on her way to give birth for a boy.

However, the performance was not live on Sunday as Underwood recorded the audio and NBC reportedly used old footage with numerals of NBC “XLIX” in the background, said reports raising eye brows whether the singer is already in maternity care.

Underwood is married to hockey player Mike Fisher and they had announced during the 2014 CMA Awards that they are going to have a boy. In the US gender revelation is not an offence as is the case in India.

Carrie Underwood, 31, is a country singer, has sung the opening theme song for NBC’s Sunday Night Football since 2013, and changed the tune slightly with remix for the 2015 Super Bowl.

Her new song, “Waiting All Day For A Super Bowl Fight,” was released for the event just two days before the big game with the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks incorporated.

“All right, hold on tight, it’s finally here/ Super Bowl Sunday’s kicking into high gear … The Patriots and Seahawks in the final showdown/ The whole world’s a’rocking, time to crank up the sound,” sang Underwood for the event.

Though Underwood had announced that they are going to have a boy in spring, rumors are that she is in advanced stage not to have attended the event.

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