California witnessed 15 earthquakes in past 24 hours: USGS Data

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Rockslide caused car to overturn. Minor injuries. Carbon canyon closed between Valencia and county line.

While the major earthquake measuring 5.1 magnitude jolted Los Angeles at 9 pm in the evening Friday, the records of US Geological survey showed 15 earthquakes in total during the past 24 hours.

California region’s La Habra witnessed 2.8 magnitude earthquake at 4 pm in the evening, followed by similar magnitude quakes throughout until the major one with 5.1 hit the region at 9 pm as the list below from USGS shows the magnitude followed by the epicenter and region and the timing, besides the area of impact:

  1. 2.82km S of La Habra, California2014-03-29 16:01:51 UTC+05:300.9 km
  2. 2.62km SSW of La Habra, California2014-03-29 15:19:40 UTC+05:300.3 km
  3. 3.10km NNE of Brea, California2014-03-29 11:07:14 UTC+05:303.6 km
  4. 2.62km NNW of Brea, California2014-03-29 10:35:31 UTC+05:302.4 km
  5. 2.71km E of La Habra, California2014-03-29 10:35:31 UTC+05:300.7 km
  6. 2.72km NNW of Brea, California2014-03-29 10:23:57 UTC+05:301.3 km
  7. 2.92km NNW of Brea, California2014-03-29 10:17:13 UTC+05:305.3 km
  8. 2.72km N of Brea, California2014-03-29 10:15:37 UTC+05:301.3 km
  9. 4.616km NNW of Aratoca, Colombia2014-03-29 10:05:16 UTC+05:30148.5 km
  10. 3.62km SE of La Habra, California2014-03-29 10:00:51 UTC+05:300.1 km
  11. 3.42km ESE of La Habra, California2014-03-29 09:41:53 UTC+05:300.1 km
  12. 5.11km S of La Habra, California2014-03-29 09:39:42 UTC+05:307.5 km
  13. 3.61km ESE of La Habra, California2014-03-29 08:33:39 UTC+05:306.8 km
  14. 2.934km SSW of Ferndale, California2014-03-29 05:17:30 UTC+05:309.2 km
  15. 2.829km E of Pine Valley, California2014-03-29 00:09:44 UTC+05:305.0 km

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