Cabinet Okays ISRO Plan for 15 PSLV Missions Costing Rs.3090 crore

isroThe Union Cabinet approved ISRO’s proposal to continue the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) program with 15 new operational flights ¬†from PSLV-C36 to PSLV-C50, costing Rs.3,090 crore.

The cabinet gave approval to “enable launch of satellites required for earth observation, navigation and space sciences along with the possibility of clinching commercial launch service contracts”, said a statement.

The program will meet the new demand for more satellites every year with the private sector too showing more interest in participating in them.¬†“All the 15 operational flights would be completed during the period 2017-2020,” the communique said.

The PSLV flights were sanctioned in 2008 to make the country self-reliant with own satellites for earth observation, disaster management, navigation and space sciences. The continuation of the program was to enhance the capability and remain ahead in the race for space exploration, it said.

The PSLV has become the major workhorse for ISRO to carry out Sun-Synchronous Polar Orbit (SSPO), Geo-synchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) and low-inclination Low Earth Orbit (LEO) missions.

With the recent successful launch of PSLV-C26 on October 16, 2014, PSLV has completed three developmental and 25 operational flights of which the last 27 have not seen any failure.

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