Burnt Out Leads to Depression; Some Tips to Avoid it


depressionOverwork, or feeling burnt out is an indication closely linked to depression later in life, said researchers.

In a study conducted by Psychology professor Irvin Schonfeld from City College of New York, it has been noticed that there is a strong association between burnout and depression.

About 5,500 school teachers were studied in a survey to estimate the prevalence of depressive disorders in workers with burnout, and 90 percent of the subjects listed as burnt out were found close to depression or already experiencing it.

Features of atypical depression were found in 63% of the burned-out participants with major depression. “The study suggests that the burnout-depression overlap has been largely underestimated,” Schonfeld said.

“Overall, our findings point to depressive symptoms and depressive disorders as central concerns in the management of burnout. The clinical research on treatments for depression offers solutions that may help workers identified as burned out,” he said. The paper has been published in the International Journal of Stress Management.

But with holiday season around, depression is likely to hit the youngsters who are alone or devoid of their friends off on holidays. Here are some tips to keep yourself away from depression:

-Don’t merely spend your time on shopping, deals, discounts and e-shopping. Prepare a budget and be within your limits before buying but keep some time for your family and friends or acquintaces. More than gifts, spending time with your loves ones and family helps overcome depression.

  • More than feeling let down, see what your family or friends expect from you and see how much you can accommodate.
  • Avoid too much drinking during the season as it brings on depression. Too much sugar and fat are not good for you.

  • At workplace, see what you can do within the limits but don’t overstretch yourself. Stress at work leads to depression later on.

  • Don’t sit alone, try to call somebody or visit somebody and keep yourself in the company of at least one other person or call friends and keep chatting.

  • Remember that you are not alone. There are millions who need your help and be a volunteer at any public service place like church, nursing home, old-age home or children’s day care. Force yourself out to do this instead of facing depression.

  • Begin thinking positively and avoid negative talk, bring in positive outlook at life and do some positive work immediately.

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