BrahMos Testfired from INS Kolkata, Navy’s Newst Ship

BrahMos testfired successfully from the ship INS Kolkata on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2015.

BrahMos testfired successfully from the ship INS Kolkata on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015.

India successfully test fired this morning the supersonic BrahMos cruise missile from INS Kolkata, navy’s most powerful and newest warship, in Arabian sea, and the launch was flawless and met all pre-designated parameters, an official said.

After the launch, BrahMos Aerospace spokesperson Praveen Pathak told IANS, that it was “first of this class, with two more in the pipeline.”

The Indian Navy commissioned INS Kolkata Aug 16, 2014. All the three ships will be quipped with the vertical-launched BrahMos system as the prime strike weapon.

The Universal Vertical Launcher Module (UVLM) being used in these has a unique design, developed and patented by BrahMos Aerospace.

The UVLM has the benefits of stealth and permits launching of the missile vertically in any direction. BrahMos chief Sudhir Mishra congratulated the BrahMos Team and Indian Navy on the successful mission.

The BrahMos has a range of 290 km and can carry a conventional warhead of up to 300 kg. It has a top speed of Mach 2.8, which is about three times faster than the US subsonic Tomahawk cruise missile. The BrahMos was a joint venture with the Russian defence systems.

With this test, BrahMos proves one of the fastest cruise missiles in the world that can be launched from submarines, ships, aircraft and land.




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