Bollywood Tryst with Media Continues, Now with Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai

shahrukh khan

shahrukh khan

It was Salman Khan followed by Deepika Padukone and now Shah Rukh Khan on whom media tried to show its displeasure in a row recently triggering an unending battle in kid gloves.

While salman Khan and Deepika Padukone incidents ran well for a while, media in Chennai did not take the undue delay in Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan’s arrival to the press conference even after 4 hours. The original invite said the event would be at 4 pm on Friday evening but the star turned out at 8 pm.

Moreover, the event was a fashion show of Palam Silks, city-based showroom that was paired with Shah Rukh’s upcoming release of ‘Happy New Year’ at the ITC Grand Chola. Blaming the Bollywood badshah for the unusual delay, reporters staged walkout when he actually turned up at 8 PM.

Later, organisers said it was because of a miscommunication between two public relations’ managers.

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