Bobbi Kristina Brown Could Have Died of ‘Bad Batch’ Of Heroin: Ex-Roomie

Mason Whitaker

While Bobbi Kristina Brown died of drug overuse, a former roommate of her, Mason Whitaker, claims that it could have ben due to a “Bad Batch” of heroin and squarely blamed friends, Danyela Bradley and Maxwell Lomas, besides Nick Gordon for the mishap and accused them of covering up the reason.

Gordon is already facing a lawsuit accusing him of giving Kristina a “toxic cocktail” and then put her facedown in a bathtub.

In his Facebook page, Whitaker said he is also blaming Max and Danyela to force them reveal the real facts about the case. “You would know that Max and Danyela convinced Krissi to start shooting up… And Max and Danyela gave her bad heroine to shoot after nick beat her up.”

“And that Max, Nick, and Danyela all tried to cover up the scene and make it look like an accident and didn’t call the police until about 20 minutes after she was dead. These are all facts and I’m not going to stop voicing any of that until there is justice for my sister and all 3 of them go down for this,” Whitaker wrote on his Facebook page.

However, reports said that Bobbi was on and off rehab for drug abuse.

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