Bobbi Kristina Boyfriend in $10M Lawsuit; Murder Charge Likely

bobbi kristina with mother whtiney HoustonBobbi Kristina Brown’s court-appointed conservator, Bedelia C. Hargrove, has slapped a legal action suit against her boyfriend Nick Gordon, which was personally handed over to him on Sunday (12 July, 2015) and his response is awaited.

In a dramatic way, the entire incident was caught on camera, that was obtained by the New York Daily News. It showed Gordon was taken aback but accepted the manilla envelope while leaving a Starbucks coffee shop. His first response when asked what it is, he said, “I have no idea.”

The $10 million lawsuit accusing him of abusing Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston, also claims he stole funds from the ailing youngster’s bank account. Bobbi Kristina is in coma since Jan 31, 2015 and the family has removed her from life-support system, leaving it to ‘God’s Hands’.

Otherwise, reports say a possible autopsy report of Kristina may give enough teeth to the prosecution to decide whether to file a murder case against Gordon or not. The lawsuit, filed in Atlanta’s Fulton County Superior Court, accuses Gordon of assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress on Bibbi.

It has alleged that Gordon transferred money from her account without her permission, when she was comatose in an Atlanta hospital.

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