Did Blake Shelton Hire a Detective to Confront Miranda Lambert Before Divorce?

Blake Shelton allegedly hired a detective to see if Miranda Lambert was cheating on him, said unconfirmed reports based on sources giving a new twist to the ongoing trial of the most famous divorce event of the year.

Quoting a source, Star magazine reported that the country star Blake Shelton discovered ex-wife Miranda Lambert cheated on him for sure after he hired a private detective to follow the “Over You” singer, who has allegedly “was hooking up with one of her employees”.

On learning about it, the report said Shelton flew to one of her concerts to see it himself and to confront her. “He caught her hugging this man, and they were forced to admit everything. It was obvious what was going on,” the source told Star.

Blake and Shelton marriage cover on People magazine in 2011.

Blake and Shelton marriage cover on People magazine in 2011.

The couple have eventually divorced that was about two weeks ago, without any mention of the infidelity but terming it as mutual consent. The report went on to say that the confrontation was the final straw that led to their split.

“He can’t believe he spent all this time with a cheater who was never faithful to him. He’s heartbroken and furious and wants nothing to do with Miranda,” the source told Star magazine. “As far as he’s concerned, this whole marriage was a mistake.”

Earlier reports said that it was co-country singer Chris Young who was the reason but he came out in open to put the record straight saying, “I don’t normally address gossip but in this case I will. My name has been mentioned as a contributing factor in Blake and Miranda’s divorce.That is totally FALSE. They are both my friends and I would not betray that friendship.”

Now that Shelton side is giving out the leaks in media, Miranda group may pitch in with digging up 2013 incident that alleged Shelton to have had an affair with a fellow country singer Cady Groves though media reports vehemently denied it.

No wonder, Touch magazine will counter Star now with an exclusive cover story in which Shelton’s “other woman” tells all, but Gossip Cop, a website that debunks false reports says Groves has timed the revelation “seeking publicity”.

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