BJP, TDP Tremble Over Pawan Kalyan Remarks at Tirupathi?

It was in December 2013 when Pawan Kalyan, the Telugu actor and brother of then Congress leader Chiranjeevi who broke ties with corrupt and divisive politics to join the bandwagon of pro-Modi camp. Now, almost three years after, the actor and founder of Jana Sena has realised how he was used.

Then, it was a revolt against his elder brother and now it is revolt against his erstwhile ally BJP, whose promise to give Andhra Pradesh a Special Status as assured on the floor of the House in Parliament before bifurcating the state never came true.

While Telugu Desam Party is struggling to keep up its face before the electorate over the turnaround by BJP, Pawan Kalyan’s speech at Jana Sena convention in Tirupathi comes as a signal of growing disenchantment with the ruling parties both at the centre and state.

In his typical style, he said, "Rashtranni addagoluga vidagotti, prathyeka hodha istamani, ippati varaku ivvani kendranni konni adigi telchu kunta." (Breaking the state in two, promising special status, so far the Centre did not fulfil and I will finalise it with them."

He further clarified that he will not do any Modi Bhajan. "Nenu bhajana chestanu. Modi garidi kadu, prajaladi. Nenu prajala thothuni."

On his Facebook posting, he said:"Respected sirs of BJP and Congress, we are deeply are not able to see or angst, our pain, our agony, our anger, our tears. May be we are not within your vicinity as you are in UP North and we are in DOWN South..down south..May be that’s why we are not in your vicinity . But I PAWAN KALYAN the president of JanaSena party representing SeemAndhra…I and WE all of us together will make sure that we will be in your vicinity. We will come into your vicinity and we will fight for our right right right. Jai Hind!."

Pawan Kalyan is deftly moving his reach in Karnataka as well. He had recently met JD(S) chief HD Kumaraswamy. Despite their denials at any political significance for more than a two-hour luncheon meeting, it gains signifcance as Pawan Kalyan has many fans in Kolar, Ballari, Bengaluru and other border districts to Andhra Pradesh.

With these signals of Pawan Kalyan moving away from Modi "Bhajan", BJP is one part which may foresee trouble in the next elections, while TDP may worry over the possible alliance between Kalyan and other opposition parties in the state during the assembly elections.

But the truth is neither Congress nor BJP can provide special stutus to Andhra Pradesh now and or anytime in the future. It is just not there in the Constitution.

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