Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal at the `Delhi's Village Dialogue` held at Chhatarpur, in New Delhi on January 4, 2015. ( IANS)

‘BJP, Congress Have No Idea What We are Made Of,’ Says Kejriwal

In a repetition to last year’s incident, Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal was attacked in a rally at Sultanpur Majra on Tuesday, ahead of the Delhi Assembly poll.

Kejriwal was attacked with eggs and stones at the rally by an unidentified person. The eggs and stones, however, did not hit him but fall nearby him on the podium. A volunteer reportedly said, “The eggs and stones missed him and fell beside the podium. The man escaped before he could be identified.”

This is the second time that the AAP chief gets attacked at the same place. As per reports, Kejriwal was hit by an auto driver a year ago, while he was campaigning for the Lok Sabha candidate of the party, Rakhi Birla.

However, in regard to the incident that took place yesterday (on Tuesday), the AAP Chief said, “This means that Jai Kishan (Congress MLA from Sultanpuri Majra) is scared. If the BJP and the Congress think that we will be silenced by stones, they have no idea what we are made of.”

Meanwhile, speaking in a public meeting in Wazirpur constituency, the AAP chief criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s choice of words during the Ramlila Maidan address on Saturday.

Modi slammed Kejriwal during the campaign and had said, “Those who call themselves anarchists should join the Naxals in the jungles. Anarchism does not belong to Delhi, which is the centre of politics in this country.These people are experts in protests and sit-in’s, so give them that job. We are experts in governing, so entrust us what we are good at. One full year has been wasted for the city and you should punish those who were responsible.”

After, Kejriwal had responded that name-calling is not politics.

However, giving a note to this, Kejriwal asked, “The PM attacked me in a recent rally and said Arvind Kejriwal is a Naxal. Am I a Naxal? Should I go to the forest? This kind of an attack does not suit a PM. Is it right for the BJP to do this?”

Apart from the recent attack, a month ago, Kejriwal was attacked in Deoli too, while he was addressing a janasabha for a candidate.

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